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What Makes A Superhero Super?


There are heroes and then there are superheroes. For an individual to be considered “super” they would have to be something exceptional. A hero is good but a superhero is extra good. They should possess abilities that are more grand, more powerful and with wider application than others, most of the time even impossible for a normal person. Their actions through these abilities would exceed customary norms, levels, or limits. Their personality traits and characteristics are of the highest moral standards. Most importantly, a superhero not only helps anyone in trouble but also teaches everyone important life lessons about how to be a good person through example.

Superheros are known for putting others before themselves. Usually, they sprint into danger and end up paying dearly for their courage…and they often go years–if ever–without the recognition they deserve.

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. They are the real heroes, and so are the families and friends who have stood by them.” – Christopher Reeve

Qualities and Traits of A Superhero:

  • Courage. When facing daunting odds, they charge in fearlessly and prevail. Like Nelson Mandela said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”
  • Selflessness. Other individuals’ needs come before their own. Furthermore, it is done so without any expectation of payback.
  • Humility. If a person wants constant credit for his or her actions, nothing could be less heroic. Even though a superhero amazes everyone, they remain modest.
  • Loyalty. A superhero can be loyal to anything, not just a country or organization. A “bad guy” might double-cross their friend but a superhero would never do such a thing. This makes him admirable.
  • Patience. Although most situations a superhero faces requires quick thinking and decisiveness, all in all, they display an impressive amount of patience.
  • Commitment. If a superhero says they’ll do something, they’ll do it, even if that means putting their own life in terrible danger.
  • Compassion. A Superhero will even save the life of a person they do not like.
  • Uniqueness. In some way, the superhero stands out. They can do something that others can not, or they can do something others can but much better than them.
  • They express enjoyment in their purpose or calling. People lose interest in someone who doesn’t seem to be enjoying what they are doing. An important part of being a superhero is the message of goodness through positive action. If they are enthusiastic and happy about saving the world then others will be too.
  • They have extraordinary abilities or gear. A Superhero usually is the embodiment of our fantasy to be able to do the impossible, for example, fly.
  • Superheroes are in top physical condition. Looking that good takes a lot of dedication which is admirable.
  • They are caring. They display a sense of concern and kindness for others. Their actions are intended to improve the lives of others.
  • They have limits they won’t cross. This is something that sets a superhero apart from a “bad guy”. What they won’t do is equally important to what they will do. For example, a superhero won’t sacrifice innocent’s to achieve their goal. They wouldn’t even be convinced to cross that line even if the consequence was death.
  • They have principles and a strong set of beliefs. A superhero believes in something, without a doubt, and this makes them respectable.
  • There is always a mission to complete. If there is no goal, the superhero’s action is just a reaction. The mission is a goal.

Lessons From A Superhero:

  • “With great power comes great responsibility.” A superhero will sacrifice everything, even family, in the face of trials, setbacks, and personal loss. Being a superhero is not about the name, fancy costumes or even amazing powers. It’s about having the will, the consistency, and the tenacity to do what other people won’t do.
  • Anyone can be a superhero. Everyone can be a hero if they simply put the effort in and stand up against corruption and for justice, or for the betterment of mankind.
  • Be proud of yourself. Accept who you are and don’t let fear, anger and resentment drive your decisions. A Superhero turns their differences into a positive thing.
  • Remain true to yourself. A superhero stands for honour, justice and truth. His character always embodies his core principles of compassion, courage, loyalty and perseverance.
  • You are never truly alone. When A superhero does good by saving and helping others, they become part of a larger community.
  • Be attentive. Things just fall into a superheroes lap it seems but really, it’s because they are paying attention…living in the moment while looking into the future.
  • Do things that make a difference. To think about doing something, and to actually do it, are what set a normal person apart from a superhero.
  • Be an Overachiever. Superheroes are always striving to be better and they are never satisfied with less than their best.

Someone that goes to unbelievable lengths to help others, with astounding capabilities, surpasses the norm and becomes a superhero. A hero can rescue a person from a burning building but a superhero can stop the destruction of a whole city single-handedly. They transcend that which is thought to be possible. This doesn’t mean you have to be Superman or Batman to be a superhero. Plenty of individuals in our world (the real world) have helped and are helping hundreds of people in different ways. Even dramatically inspiring change can be considered a superhuman feat.

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