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Vimanas: flying machines of Hinduism that many considered as ancient UFOs

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Did you know that there are ancient texts that date back thousands of years that mention ‘aircraft’ or flying machines controlled by the mind, technologies like levitation and anti-gravity, and spaceships coming from other planets?

In Sanskrit, the word “vimana” refers to a ‘mythical’ flying vehicle that could be translated as “chariot of the gods” or “celestial chariot,” used according to the Hindu tradition to allow the Gods to move freely across the skies.

There are many temples in southern India that are adorned with small vimana constructions, like a dome-shaped hat, crowning countless ancient structures, hiding a 6,000-year-old secret.

Sanskrit literature, dating back thousands of years, recounts the story of enigmatic flying machines, something that from the perspective of the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis was interpreted as proof that India was visited by advanced extraterrestrial beings, who were eventually misinterpreted as Gods.

Hindu mythology tells us that the ancient Vimana were often used during wartime, as mentioned in the Ramayana, an ancient religious text that describes a vimana piloted by the king of the demons Ravana, as he flew across the skies.

In the Rig-veda (one of the oldest Hindu texts, from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC) it is said that the sun god travels in a luminous vimana carriage (which is the Sun itself).

The Vaimānika Śāstra, an early 20th-century Sanskrit text on aerospace technology, makes a claim that he vimānas mentioned in ancient Sanskrit epics were advanced aerodynamic flying vehicles, similar to a rocket capable of interplanetary flight as backed up by the ancient alien theory.

Other gods fly in vimana carriages with wheels. Chariots, aka chariots of the Gods.

Various texts describe fascinating accounts of flying machines.

For example, the ancient book of the Vaimanika Shastra or the Science of Aeronautics, mentions unbelievable aspects of ‘vehicles’ said to be controlled by the mind, thanks to technology –now lost— which was accessed by ancient cultures.

Sanskrit scholar  Dr. V. Raghavam who has authored over 120 books and 1200 articles and won the Sahitya Akademi Award for Sanskrit in 1966 explains a lot about the Vimana.

Dr. Raghavan is also quoted stating:

“Fifty years of studying this ancient work assures me that there are living creatures on other worlds and that they were visiting our planet as far back as 4000 B.C.”

He further explains:

“There is a mass of captivating knowledge about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weaponry, that can be seen in interpretations of the ancient Vedas (scriptures), Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit text.”

Furthermore, Dr. A.V. Krishna Murty, professor of aeronautics at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

“It is true,” Dr. Krishna Murty ads, “that the ancient Indian Vedas and other ancient texts speak of aeronautics, spaceships, flying machines, and even ancient astronauts.”

“The study of ancient Sanskrit texts has convinced me that ancient India did know the secret of building flying machines and that those machines were patterned after spaceships coming from other planets.”

The canonical division of the Vedas is fourfold (turīya) viz.,

Rigveda (RV)

Yajurveda (YV, with the main division TS vs. VS)

Samaveda (SV)

Atharvaveda (AV)

Vimanas- ancient flying machines of India (Video)

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Kash Khan

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