”Be Part Of The Change” Kickstarter Campaign- We Need Your Support

 We have a new Kickstarter campaign and need your support!

Please click the link to find out how you can ”Be Part Of The Change” > http://kck.st/1xAOc73

We want to create a more informed society ,to inspire people to make positive changes and to unite humanity under love.

Hi my name is Kasim, I am 31 and started EducateInspireChange in October of 2012 as a simple Facebook page. I wanted to make a difference to the world and felt this was a good way to reach people around the world and raise awareness on issues that I felt were Important.

To my surprise I got a very positive reaction to some of my work which included short articles, graphics and even videos all of which were designed to educate and inspire people.

I was extremely humbled and motivated by all the support I got that i decided to make this my full time project and I have never looked back since. It’s now my passion. Over time, I found that by trying to help people I was sent on an amazing journey of self discovery. In the past 2 years my mind has been opened to so many amazing things, I view the universe from a completely different perspective, I have learnt from the teachings of people like Alan Watts and Terrence Mckenna and learnt that if we want to make the world better we have to each make ourselves better through internal reflection. To understand the world we first have to understand ourselves.

I now have over 250,000 Facebook, YouTube and twitter followers, and have received many millions of hits on a monthly basis on my websites.

Due to restrictions placed by some of the social media organisations I have encountered many obstacles and am struggling to reach the same level of people. So I have decided to create this campaign to help me continue my fight for truth, I want to build a team of activists, designers, and creative people who can all help me drive EiC forward and make a real difference to the world.

   – Investing in creative people who will create much more effective graphics and videos allowing us to reach more people and make a stronger impact.

– I will seek to do active journalism, interviewing people and writing informative and interesting articles

– I will be purchasing software and hardware that will allow me to tackle tasks with much more ease.

 – I will update our website and have it working faster than ever with an improved hosting package.

– I will look to begin local projects encouraging people to get involved with EducateInspireChange

Kickstarter runs on an all or nothing funding model, meaning that if I do not reach the goal then I receive nothing and the backers lose no money. You can of course go over the amount, if this does happen I will be forever grateful because the more I raise, the better equipped I will be to reach more people and make a positive difference.

I never created EducateInspireChange with the intention of making money indeed for the first 12 months I didn’t make a penny. I do this because it’s my passion and I genuinely feel it’s my calling. I want to create a movement that makes the world a better place. Any money I make will go straight back into expansion and growth. The last thing I want to do is to have to get a regular job with no real satisfaction and not being able to focus all of my attention on EiC. That is why I need your support so much so that I can push forward with this and make it my life’s work. Just imagine how many lives we can touch in a positive way if we all work together.

Just click the box below if you wish to make a contribution. I have 34 days to hit my goal or we get no money so I will be eternally grateful for all your support.

If you have more questions or want to see how many people we connect with every day be sure to check out my Facebook page here.

Thank you in advance for your support I will leave you with an inspirational quote: