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Long Lost Photo Album Shows Mysterious Woman Posing Next to Almost Every Top Hollywood Celebrity



Mysterious Woman Album Hollywood

Thrift shops are filled with hidden gems and unique treasures. In a recent store donation, the staff at Opnieuw & Co, a thrift shop in Belgium, were surprised when they discovered what appeared to be a normal photo album.  It shows a mysterious woman posing next to almost every top Hollywood celebrity. It is a complete outlier in a group of stars. Trippy? Absolutely.

Via Bored Panda

The unnamed woman is pictured with stars like Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, and Tom Hanks. These photos were taken in the 90s and have never been seen before until now—a vintage win.

Photo Album

Via Bored Panda

To leave a keepsake like this behind is unlikely intentional. The staff members at Opnieuw & Co. decided to do some internet digging to find out who this woman is in order to return the item as well as to satiate their curiosity.

Will Smith

Via Bored Panda

Via Bored Panda

After researching the web, they found out the woman was a former member of the HollywoodForeign Press Association (HFPA) named Maria Snoeys-Lagler. The HFPA eventually grew to the organization that holds the Golden Globes Awards. Common practice included lavish parties where actors and agents would attend to network and strengthen relationships to increase odds of winning an award.

Via Bored Panda

Snoeys-Lagler passed away in 2016. However, the staff prepares to return the album to her daughter in California. This page-flipping scrapbook is a timeless reminder of what it means to be a boss without being on the radar. It’s obvious, but we’re all superstars.


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