The World Is Not Getting Worse… The Veil Is Thinning & Presents Us With New Opportunities



We’re seeing major injustices come to surface as the year 2020 lives up to its name. Supreme vision doesn’t just mean clarity before our eyes, but it also presents an opportunity to envision a future of our design. As information continues to reach the public regarding crimes against children, many hearts feel the heaviness of lies our culture has been built on. It’s not easy to see and it’s bringing people together to expose the truths that need to be felt. With a virus sweeping over our daily lives, injustices against the Black community, and child sex trafficking it can feel like the world is falling beneath our feet. As old narratives are ripped apart, we step into a transition of rewriting humanity’s story. The world is not getting worse. It is purging what has kept us from rising up to our greatest good. This is the time where we exercise what it means to be human through unity, compassion, and solidarity.


“Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’ —Albert Einstein


The structure of the three-dimensional world is crumbling as people begin to wake up to higher levels of consciousness. As our planet moves through its evolutionary path, we are also shifting into new realms. Just as bones experience physical growing pains throughout puberty, our energetic bodies also feel the intensities of evolutionary shifts.


The veil is thinning and continues to lift before our eyes.


Consider the veil as a cover over a full image. A fitting example would be Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” where prisoners are positioned inside a dark cave. As they sit and stare at the cave wall, images are projected before their eyes and presented as the truth. However, the truth has more than one side. The viewers are held prisoner inside the cave, unable to turn their heads, as they watch shadows dance before their eyes. In a way, this could portray our current stream of media. The mainstream news fails to report on issues from a truly objective point, but rather from the perspective of those who benefit the few. In other words, the agenda once followed is being questioned by the masses.


As “The Allegory of the Cave” continues, one of the prisoners makes it out of the dark walls and steps into the light of day. This character sees the sun for the very first time, experiences the breeze of fresh air, and sees it all without projection of puppet masters. At first, he is shocked by the new senses and as he grows into the experience, he realizes the beauty in truth. At this point, he begins to question his previous life and the role he played.


When the character returns to the cave to tell everyone else, they do not believe him. In fact, the prisoners threaten to kill him if they set him free.


How does this story relate to our current landscape? The themes are universal as we explore the cave itself, the puppet masters, the prisoners, the truth, and the freedom of choice when it comes to self-liberation.


While it may seem like the world is burning at a point of no return, this fire is the cleansing needed in order to purge the sickness plaguing our society. Mainstream media isn’t going to save us, only we can. Wherever you are in your journey, the thinning of the veil is going to call us all into the new paradigm. We can either free ourselves or, like the characters in Plato’s story, choose to shun the truth and remain in captivity. It is only through unity, acceptance, and expression where we will continue to rise.



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