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Zen Spiritual Master Explains How to React When Sexual Attraction Decreases in a Relationship





Zen spiritual master Mooji was asked about what to do when sexual attraction declines in an intimate relationship in the incredible video further below.

Mooji was asked by someone who says her relationship has a lot of depth on many levels, and at times the sex feels like a transcendent experience. Yet she wonders whether her man is truly interested in her sexually?

She wonders whether she’s suppressing her own sexual energy.

Mooji brilliantly explains that sexual expression has a lot to do with how we see ourselves. Sometimes we use sex for reasons other than a pure expression of love, for example to compete or be to feel special. But the truth is that when we have a greater commitment towards our own spirituality, then we don’t have as much need for these kinds of behaviors.


It could be that if sexual desire is decreasing, this indicates a deeper spiritual connection to oneself. But if the questioner is trying to repress her own sexual desire in order to match her partner’s, then this needs to be looked at.

It’s difficult to know what’s happening much of the time, but in many relationships there’s a leveling out or compatibility between sexual desires through spiritual maturation.

Mooji acknowledges that other spiritual teachers may have a different perspective. Those who do Tantric yoga for example see sex as a great way to express spirituality.

The danger comes when there’s too much focus on the relationship and trying to fix it as opposed to deepening your own levels of self awareness. The answer in this situation is always to search within.

What about the feeling of rejection that often comes with a decreasing of sexual desire?

Mooji says that if the search is for contentment, joy and freedom from fears of life and death, then the feeling of self will get lighter over time and worries of rejection will fade away.

Simply check into your own heart and allow the circumstances of your life to just be.


The most simple thing to do is to discover yourself rather than solve all these problems. That’s the quickest path to enlightenment!

What do you think of the advice offered by Mooji in this video below?

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