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Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Guides Listeners Through Meditative Beats in Recent EP ‘Guided Explorations’ (LISTEN)



Guided Explorations

Originally made for Camp Tazo, a collaboration made with TAZO tea, RZA’s EP, Guided Explorations, is now available to all.

“I will be your guide on this journey. My career has taken many forms and crossed all continents and at every stage, exploration has been essential to my process. This series of guided explorations attempts to share that process with you,” RZA begins the EP’s introduction. It then leads into funky yet chill beats overlaid with a guided journey.

RZA demystifies meditation making it accessible to fans worldwide in this audible journey. In his words, he reminds the listener it is okay if thoughts come up, to observe them when they do, and remember to let go.

Tracks like “Kill the Noise” share personal stories paired with wisdom for the listener to kill the poison created by thoughts. The ambient beats feel as if RZA were guiding the listener on a city walk through the mind. His instructions are clear, concise, and empowering.

Each track is referred to as episodes. “Fan Your Flames,” the second episode, inspires listeners to surround themselves with a habitat that allows them to reach their full potential. What is in your world? Everything we come in contact with is food for the body, mind, or soul. RZA reminds us to fill it with nourishment.

“By creating this mental space, this island, you can shape your own creativity… Your own creative output. When you feel stuck, you can travel here to explore,” RZA urges before guiding listeners to return to their breath. “Focus. Envision your eye. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How does it smell? Now I want you to fill it with your greatest influence. Let your mind wander so they can surface. Dig deep.”

The EP continues with tracks like “Bite or Stop Biting,” “If Not You,” and “Making Moves.” In every introduction, RZA sets the tone by inviting listeners to set their space and breathe.

“Everything you need exists in your universe. You just need to activate it,” RZA reminds in “Bite or Stop Biting.”

Guided Explorations is a tool for both the seasoned and beginner meditator. “Now it’s time for you too look deep within yourself and visualize your true self,” RZA instructs. Listening to this daily can have an immense effect on the listener’s inner growth if practiced consistently.


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