Work With Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces to Activate Your Intuitive Heart



The leaves are beginning to change colors and dance across the streets. Autumn flavors are buzzing through local cafes. The season is shifting, and tonight’s full moon drives us closer toward spooky season. Weather patterns aren’t the only things shifting this month. Occurring in the sign of Pisces, tonight’s full moon is shining light when it comes to exercising our inner voice from a place of love.

While the full moon meets us in the emotional sign of Pisces, the sun has just entered our sphere in the sign of organized Virgo. This celestial clash asks us to look at areas in which we might harmonize with the head and the heart. 

As society continues to navigate the uncertainties of an unfolding world, there are elements to our daily lives that do, indeed, remain certain. This may look different for every individual, but this full moon is an excellent opportunity to take an honest look at the things you wish to see a change in.


Whether it be the mundane or routine, emotional and intuitive Pisces offers a dreamy lens to create new perspectives and realities. Sink into your heart’s desire and feel it through with deep presence. As you tap into the energies of the Pisces sign, reflect on Virgo’s traits. 



The common saying, “It’s all fun until someone gets hurt,” can take different meanings under various scopes. For tonight’s purposes, remember to stay grounded to bring those dreams to life. Be mindful as not to spend too much of your attention in the dream world. Practicality also has its place. As we enter into the heart of a Virgo sun, we are reminded of the organizational and hardworking traits this sign has to offer.


Tonight’s full moon message says, “Keep your dreams close and don’t forget to put in the work. Your heart knows what it wants.. Now is the time to claim it.”



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