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Why Creating A Sacred Altar Promotes Personal Development & Well-Being



Altars bring a sense of serenity, beauty, and sacredness to any space. Whether in the home or in a temple, altars are an interactive way to bring prayer, focus, and intention to your daily practice.


While the design and look of an altar differ from person to person, the lasting effects are timeless for the expanding soul. It serves as a landing pad for reflection and introspection. The ways in which you interact with your altar can bring insights as to how you do the same in your life. The more you tend to your altar, the more the healing effects magnify in your well-being.


For reference, I adorn my altar with crystals, flowers, shells, feathers, and anything else that brings me joy and connects me to spirit. This is the space I create for myself to look within, appreciate the beauty I come across, and to heal. I notice the more I interact with the setting of this space—whether that means removing what no longers serve me or adding something that comes into my awareness—the more I see this reflected in my day to day life.


With anything in life, the setting of a scene plays a major role in the outcome of events. Bringing yourself to a sacred space of your own creation serves to remind you of the sacred spaces found in all aspects of life. What you choose to bring to it is up to you.


If you have an altar in your home, how can you deepen your presence in this space? If you are new to creating this sacred space, here are some things to consider.


Creating Your Sacred Altar:


  • Setting: Where do you wish to set your sacred altar up? Perhaps it feels best in the living space or in your room.
  • Adornment: Clear the area and adorn the space with items of your choosing (i.e candles, oils, pictures, flowers)
  • Intention: Set an intention for this space. How will it deepen your practice?


Altar As A Daily Presence:


Bringing yourself to sit in front of your altar can have many benefits. It is a commitment to yourself in showing up—even if it’s just for a few minutes. It is also in the moments where you don’t want to sit where it’s needed the most. Whether it be in the morning or at the end of the day, sitting with yourself in a space that you carved out for yourself deepens your sense of appreciation for the all. It strengthens the muscle in your spiritual resilience and reminds you to take time for yourself.


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