Tonight’s New Moon in Leo Brings Us Inward to Shine From Our Internal Sun



With Leo season coming to a close, this week’s new moon is a culmination of all the lessons this astrological sign has to offer. Long days under the sun have provided confidence, fun, and playful tones. As we say farewell to the cosmic king of the jungle, we are asked to spend time with our shadows and tune into our internal sun.



The new moon occurs on August 18-19 bringing massive solar energy and opportunity for manifestation. In the moon’s absence of light, we are reminded that even in the darkest corners there is always sunshine to be felt. This is especially true during the collective climate we have been navigating over the recent seasons. 


An embodied lion has the strength to stand in its core and shine a light to lead the way. Whether you are feeling the dense energies of humanity’s transition or are growing through personal experiences, this new moon offers insights on embracing the shadow and bringing it to light.



Perhaps you might feel inspired to spend time in solitude as you contemplate your desires. Plant the seed needed to harvest your desired reality. As the summer season begins to turn to fall, channel your internal sun to guide you through the changes. It is always there and ready to shine, but we must acknowledge our darkness with a light heart and playful spirit.


This is how we alchemize our being from the inside out. If you practice new moon rituals, a recommendation for this lunar cycle might be working with candle magick. Set up your sacred space and focus on an intention. As you repeat your intention, light the candle and fix your gaze softly on the flame.


You can also look into different colors and the symbolism to enhance your manifestation. As you continue your candle magick meditation, close your eyes and envision the inner flame growing from your heart center. Do this for five minutes or for however long feels right. Blow the candle out and trust your message is being heard.


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