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Tonight’s Full Moon in Aries: How to Harness the Fire to Balance the Flames



aries full moon

Intense energies are continuing to blow smoke in the air as fires ignite the west coast, presidential debates heat up, and personal changes arise. Tonight’s Aries plays the role of fire tender as the full harvest moon opposes current sun sign Libra. This energetic opposition has a lot to teach and remind us when it comes to how we express our needs in our social and personal relationships.


Known for its social and aesthetically-tuned characteristics, Libra is all about harmony, justice, and union with others. On the other hand, Aries is the racing horn that charges full force into projects and aspirations. Basically, act now, ask questions later. As we continue to propel through Mars retrograde, let’s look at how we might work with tonight’s placements for healing and evolution. 


fire bend


The benefits of a full moon can commonly be experienced in ritual, meditation, and intention. With that being said there is a strong urge to channel patience in expression. 


Blending Libra’s emotional and harmonic sense with action-oriented Aries suggests a step back from the picture. After all, how can one see the forest if pinned up against a tree. 


A shift in perspective might offer clues as to what is truly going on. In Aries fire burns like an eternal sun. In Libra, air blows into thought and form. Either way, the flames will fan and continue with intensity. Work with this duo to express your inner fire through balanced Libra.


Tips for Full Moon in Aries:


Work with fire and air to set your releases ablaze in a productive way. 


Breath Work: Practicing with your breath does wonders for the nervous system. Breath work during the full moon offers the opportunity to reset and release pent up aggression in a healthy way. Consider journaling any emotions that come up and explore the inner arena. 


Burn Ritual: Since full moons are all about letting go, work with the element of fire to burn what you are ready to lovingly release. When you are ready, do the same with what you are ready to call in. 


Try Something New: Changing our perspective is not always easy, but the fruits are ever-promising. With different tensions in the collective air it is recommended to try something new and gain a fresh understanding.


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