“It all comes out in the wash”; a phrase we have all most likely heard, but rarely remember when it comes time to make a decision.

Indecisiveness is something every human being can relate to, as we are all making choices everyday. Our choices can range from being as simple as deciding what to eat for dinner to something as complex as deciding what to do with our lives.

These decisions become harder than they ever have to be, because we have the anxiety of making a mistake actively brewing in our minds. We think of all the things that may happen, and then base our decisions off of the “data” we have collected. But how can we know what may happen if we can’t possibly know what the future holds?

“The data for a decision in any given situation is infinite.”- Alan Watts

What if there is no such thing as a mistake?

Our minds are in a constant turmoil of thoughts, so much so, that it becomes hard to know what’s real, however, one thing that we know to be absolutely true is the present moment. It is vital that we learn to stay in the present, so that we can determine what is real and what is not. When we can determine this, we can then hear the voice of our conscious mind who reminds us, that no decision is a bad decision.

“You have to regard yourself as a cloud-because you see clouds never make mistakes.”-Alan Watts

Alan Watts tells us how to knock out indecisiveness in less than 4 minutes, and perhaps most importantly, he tells us what happens when we do.



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