We’re all familiar with horoscopes and zodiac signs, but did you know that the month that you were born in can actually tell a lot more about who you are and what you’re like as a person. It can tell you your thoughts and feelings about life, how others see you, and just your overall personality. Find out what your birth month says about you…


People who are born in the month of January are some of the strongest and hard working people you’ll meet. They are most definitely not afraid to speak their mind either. Stubborn beyond belief, very headstrong and are some of the greatest leaders in the world. They love to mentor others and are persistent in the need for success, learning something new is always valuable to them.


People born in this month are extremely creative, their imagination is limitless. They love to have intelligent conversations and dislike shallowness. Often called a free-spirit, and can’t help being loyal, honest and open about your entire being.


People born in the month of March tend to be very shy and quiet, but also imaginative and creative. Always thinking about things but not often speaking out. Noisy and loud places aren’t for them, they can crave solitude in order to feel comfortable and happy.


These people are usually attention seeking and love to be in the spotlight, although that’s not a bad thing, they hate being told what to do and are leaders, not followers. They’re thrill seekers, always on the lookout for the next adrenaline rush and are some of the most exciting people to be around as they act first and think later.


People born in the month of May are able to express themselves easily and love to meet new people and be around different people all the time. They are intrigued by all walks of life. Can want one thing one day and another thing the next, which is a sign of great intelligence.


This month bring people who are some of the most sensitive beings. Shy and relaxed and often admired for these qualities. They like to plan ahead and think way, way into the future. Create new things that they can share with their friends and family and some may even invent things that help the world. There’s a whole other world in these people that when shared with others can be truly magical.


The month of July brings the most extroverted and loving people you will ever meet. They’re outrageously adventurous and live for the good times. Sometimes appearing overly confident, and always cheerful though there’s a lot more mystery to these people than what meets the eye.


People born in August are some of the most natural leaders ever. Standing up for what they believe in and neve taking no for an answer. Some of the most fantastic critical thinkers, despite being a bit bossy and opinionated. They can have a hard time expressing their emotions, making them misunderstood.


People who are born in September have high expectations of others, wanting the same energy as they give out to come back to them, so they can be disappointed a lot of the time. They are able to hold grudges extremely well if you anger them enough. They are perfectionists. However, some of the most creative and sensitive people you’ll meet.


People born in this month are often very stable and emotionally well balanced. Confrontation makes them uncomfortable which can cause them to be very introverted as they choose to avoid it whenever they can. They have undying love for the people close to them but are also the most independent people you’ll meet.


These people often hide their true emotions and are often the most secretive, although they have strong opinions. Can be a little impulsive but that’s because they have no fears at all. No one can get in their way.


These people are quite the adventurers and some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet. They have short fuses when pride gets in the way and should not be messed with. They’re always on the go and cannot sit still for two minutes.




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