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This How An Enlightened Family Argument Might Sound Around The Dinner Table



It’s coming up to festive season and the customary family get-togethers. Which usually means a lot of fake smiles, small talk and some awkward moments. Basically anything that will avoid uncomfortable moments of truth.

Well this video sets the scene of that typical family dinner but with a twist. All the members of this family tell the truth no matter how harsh it might sound. The video is titled ‘How Enlightened Families Argue’, but I’ll leave it to you to decide if they are truly enlightened or not.

This is hilarious albeit a little awkward. I wonder how this would play out, I think the honestly would ultimately lead to all of the issues being worked out instead of burying them deep withing and never dealing them out in the open. What do yo think? Let us know in the  comments further below.

The video is directed by and stars Kyle Cease who we have featured heavily on the site recently if you want to check out some of his other fantastic videos click here.

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