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These Symbols on Your Palm Tell A Story About Love and Romance



There’s romance in your hands

Millions of people around the world look to the lines on their palms talk to discover about their character and destiny. It is natural for humans to have feeling of love and affection. Here are symbols that indicate how love and romance shows up in your life.

Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus lies at the base of Thumb. This tells about quality of relationships, sex & physical potential. If this is area is raised, it indicates good relations with partner & friends. Broken lines and cuts on it indicate tense relations. A star symbol here can represent a loving marriage. A square shape of this area indicates parents agreeing with the marriage.

A healthy color indicates an abundance of love and compassion for your partner and that you are a good parent. If the color is red, then you tend to be impulsive and action-oriented. A less developed mound may indicate trouble with child birth.


The Letter M

If you have this feature on your palm then you are said to be especially gifted, you possess great intuition and have an entrepreneurial spirit. People with this on their palm are not the type who lie. And they don’t appreciate being lied to. Due to high levels of intuition they will always catch you out if you lie or cheat. Women who have letter M on the palm generally are said to have stronger intuition than men. Letter ‘M’ people have the power to make the necessary changes they need in life. So it is vital to seize the opportunities that arise. According to folk tradition many well known people from the past including prophets and great leaders had this sign on their palm.

If do have this letter ‘M’ on your palm, each time you look down at it, let it remind you that you are a special person and are capable of achieving anything you want in life.


Line of Heart

The heart line indicates compatibility, passion and emotions. A person with longer, deeper heart line with no cuts and breaks will be loving, caring and understanding. They also may have healthier relationships and marriage. If the line if short, this may indicate you are demanding, a free thinkers, and willing to take risks for your love. Luxury and the comfort of physical things are life’s purpose. They are mentally aware people.

Marriage Lines

The 2 lines are called sexuality lines. One line indicates a happy marriage. Two lines show a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse or partner. Three lines indicate an extra relation or affair. If the finger tips are heavy, one tends to get emotional. If the finger’s lower areas are on the fatty side this also indicate a demanding person when it comes to sex and love making. The relations are not stable, but If the head line is of good quality then one is caring and romantic.