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The Reality of Truth: A Spiritual Documentary That Takes Us on a Journey We Should All Consider Experiencing



“The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself.” – Deepak Chopra

We are all looking for answers in life. Whether it be about something specific, such as whether or not we should stay at our current job, or something very broad, such as the meaning of life, there are questions that we all would love to have the answer key to.

In hopes of finding these solutions we all turn to different mediums, with some of the most popular undoubtedly being organized religion and the study of historical figures and cultures. While many have found peace in the answers that these mediums provide, many have not and have instead turned to seemingly less mainstream sources for an answer that resonates.

This was the case for Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, an American entrepreneur whose success –largely in the domain name industry –far exceeded the American Dream standard that so many strive for and see as the key to happiness. Yet, like so many before him, Zappy’s “success” still left him with a seeming emptiness that only internal understanding and not external wealth could provide him.

In hopes of finding these answers, Zappy decided to go on a spiritual journey –alongside several other prominent and recognizable figures –that he decided to document in a film entitled The Reality of Truth.

In their search, Zappy and his fellow truth-seekers venture to the sacred lands of Peru to not only to study meditation and breath work, but to also participate in both a San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremony led by Shamans and leaders that have dedicated the vast majority of their life to these practices.

In addition to chronicling the journey of this group, the film also explores the overlying question as to whether or not elements of various religions were fused with plant sacraments and ceremonies. Spiritual and scientific leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton and Marianne Williamson all offer their take throughout the film on not only the historical significance to these plants, but also their present day potential if sought out with the right intentions.

What I particularly appreciated about this film is that strayed away from pushing a particular stance onto the viewing audience. All findings are shared from an unbiased perspective, and several “alternative” approaches are explored, giving all viewers the opportunity to better understand a number of existing mediums that on the surface may seem too scary to ever consider.

What makes the film even more of a must-watch is the fact that it is available to view for free online on several YouTube channels, including within this article here:

While some of the methods explored in The Reality of Truth may remain too much for some to consider, the film itself offers insight that alone is worth knowing and contemplating.

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