Tonight’s Super New Moon Meets Mars Igniting A Fiery, Yet Fruitful Retrograde Season



For as rare as super moons are, they have occurred a lot more frequently this year.  In fact, the string of super moons we have experienced thus far stands to meet 2020 with the right amount of support needed during uncertain times. On September, 17 we will meet a legendary super new moon in Virgo as Mars makes its way through retrograde in Aries.


As we approach the super new moon in Virgo, we are blanketed with a layer of darkness to inspire intuitive navigation through our desires. Governing all aspects of organization, perfectionism, and intellect, the new moon is set to pick up where the full moon in Pisces left off. However, as Mars continues its course through retrograde the fiery sign of Aries, friction is set to arise in matters of aggression. Whether it be in the pursuits of assertion, be mindful of the emotions bubbling beneath the surface.


The fiery aspect of Mars retrograde meets organized characteristics of Virgo.


This can manifest in intimate settings or more professional spaces that can make it feel difficult to get our point across. However, the contrasts made by Mars in retrograde are brought to harmony with Virgo energy reminding us to organize.


Virgo’s new moon is made even more potent with it’s close proximity to Earth. Super moons occur when they are positioned near the closest point to Earth. While the physical proximity is magnified, the energetic imprint is also made stronger.


Ground into ritual and ceremony to harness the fire and create into the material realm.


Marking the last super moon of the summer, this new moon serves as a threshold for the collective to sift through what notions and ideals are meant to fall with the turning of leaves.  Just as the wildfires set ablaze what is no longer needed, the marriage of Mars retrograde and fruitful new moon create a recipe for birth after destruction. This is our time and from a collective point of view, we are finalizing a purge cycle to be brought anew.


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