Still Missing the Warning Signs From the Universe? You Are Not Alone.



I recently witnessed a friend of mine receive several protective signs from the universe regarding a romantic relationship. Long story short, the partner was not meant for her, and the outcome resulted in pain that could have been avoided. While her warnings were presented to her bright as day, she dove past them with turned cheek and a blind eye. Only after the fact, learning the hard way, where she has reflected on the moments the universe called out to her.

As a friend, I could only offer advice and love, although I knew she knew what she needed to do. Of course, nothing on this plane happens without reason. However, this is an example many can relate to. Why is it that we look beyond the signs before us? Perhaps it is a lack of trust or cultivation in the intuition. When the universe speaks, may we remember to humble ourselves and listen.


An Unsettled Stomach


When something is not meant for us, we tend to feel it in our gut-brain. This might result in poor digestion or cramping, but the message is no different. An unsettled stomach is a clear sign that something is not right. If you’re experiencing this, take it as a clear warning and reassess the external world around you. Is the information you’re taking in serving the expansion of your path?    


Losing Belongings

If something is not meant to be in your life, it will go! This applies to objects, people, ideas, beliefs, and so on. For example, I recently lost my charger and spent a fair amount of time looking for it. I asked my roommates to keep an eye out for it until I realized the hidden blessing. I was spending too much time on my device and not settling into the present moment around me.

After enjoying a beautiful day with my loved ones, I unexpectedly found my charger. Whenever you lose something, please don’t beat yourself up trying to find it or replace it. What is meant to be in your experience will be.    


Delays, Delays, Delays

Time is a construct that we have crafted to better flow in harmony with one another. If delays occur when scheduling a meeting or exchange, it’s never a bad idea to reschedule. However, if you notice these same delays or cancellations occurring frequently, it is a sign to take a step back. This doesn’t mean the desired situation can’t happen. It is just the universe’s way of inviting you to take a step back and appreciate the full picture. This can be true when it comes to professional opportunities, appointments, and more.  

These are just three out of several examples that can be given to you from the external world. Whether you are losing your belongings or losing your cool, take these signs as an invitation to take a step back. Seeking advice from friends and loved ones are always helpful, but be mindful of your inner voice, so your intuition does not get clouded. While I wish I could have prevented an unpleasant experience in my friend’s reality, I also trust we go through tribulations to cultivate our strength.  

Are there situations you look back to and see how you could have steered clear from it? Look to those moments for wisdom to prevent from learning the same lesson over and over again. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself.  


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