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Spiritually awakened and looking for a real connection? RLOVE is the app you’ve been waiting for!



The way we communicate and connect has rapidly shifted, fueled by technology and the emergence of the app culture. Screen time is rising as in-person meet-ups are decreasing. As a spiritually-guided being, it can be challenging to find your tribe and maintain meaningful connections. More is demanded from us than ever before and we’re bombarded with heaps of information. How and when do you find and maintain these deeper connections we all desire?

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RLOVE is the app to connect the spiritually awakened

My first plant medicine experience was nearly 5 years ago and it was truly life-transforming. I became a vegan and more energy sensitive, placed a greater focus on self-love, and felt more connected to my soul than ever. Many others and myself were awakening to our truths, expanding the collective conscious in a beautiful way. Naturally, what I looked for in a partner evolved. However, dating with this upgraded perception and the apps available had not evolved.

When you experience an awakening, how do you connect with other people on a similar spiritual path? Where do you meet these soul-tethered beings?

RLOVE is a spiritual-based dating app using your unique soul signature to help you discover a deeper kind of love. The current surface-level dating apps are difficult to find deeper connections. We’re seeking something beyond a photo.We’re seeking a soul connection. It’s the first dating app to connect souls based on 30+ spiritual, physical, and lifestyle dimensions.

Gerard Armond Powell: Founder of RLOVE and Rythmia LAC

Inspired by the intelligence of the moon medicine

On 4 July 2014 Gerard “Gerry” Powell was experiencing his first and lifesaving, life-changing plant medicine experience. The medicine told him that he would build a center that would cater to light workers and light warriors, the name of the center was Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

Over his next 40 journeys the medicine also explained to him that he would, before giving up his body create an application that would proliferate love first and then secondly an application that would assist in helping people create abundance in their life.

—It’s Launched!: Join NOW and Get 1 Year FREE—

Sparking connections for light warriors and light workers

After opening Rythmia Life Advancement Center the holistic team noted that the vast majority of the people who came to the center could not find a suitable partner. Someone who is attractive to them and at the same time on the path. What was interesting to Gerry was that there were so many beautiful men and women coming through the center and all we had to do was figure out a way to unite them.

Partnering with spiritual thought leaders to help more humans find their soul connection and live their truth

He took the framework that was given by the moon and delivered it to one of the top creatives in application space, Steffen Hoffman. Together, with the help of the whole Rythmia team, tempered by the moon’s guidance, created the greatest spiritual based dating application the world has ever seen.

By partnering with spiritual thought leaders, such as Michael Beckwith, RLOVE is able to to help even more humans find their soul connection.

So, How does RLOVE work?

Create your soul signature

You’re more than a photo. You’re a unique being full of love and light, and you need a way for others to see the real you. Your soul signature is answering spiritually-centered questions to match you to others on a deeper level.

See your compatibility with your matches

RLOVE matches potential love connections based on striking a balance between sexual attraction and core spiritual similarities. You can even see how compatible you are with your matches.

—It’s Launched!: Join NOW and Get 1 Year FREE—

—It’s Launched!: Join NOW and Get 1 Year FREE—



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