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Second New Moon in Cancer Says ‘It’s Time to Retreat & Get Real With Yourself’



The term “once in a blue moon” has its origins rooted in actual lunar activity. Where a blue moon occurs after three consecutive full moons, a second new moon in a row, like tonight’s, offers its own string of insight. This evening’s new moon in Cancer happens to be one of those rare, yet opportune occasions. Rest assured, it is nothing like the new moon we experienced earlier this month. 


In a nutshell, the astrological sign of Cancer governs security, compassion, intuition, and the imagination—among other traits. Ruled by the element of water, Cancer is also highly attuned to the emotional flows of life and interpersonal experiences. This quality ties deeply to the sign’s comfort in matters of the home and intimate settings.



A second new moon in one month can sometimes serve as a magnifying glass on lessons from the first moon. We may revisit and complete those realizations through a string of integrations. Here, we are facing opportunities in emotional and self-identification themes. How do your personal and intimate settings influence your inner-view? Are there any emotional ties that need to be either severed or strengthened? If so, how can you use this time of retreating into your shell as an opportunity to get real on where you stand? 



Since Cancer’s sign is represented by the crab, one may envision its protective mechanisms and how this may personify itself in real-time. Perhaps, extreme conditions might pull you into a retreat for a deserving safe haven and self-care assessment. On the other hand, it may ignite a retreat stemming from fear-based action to hide and protect. If it is the latter, tonight’s new moon creates space to reflect on these tendencies and call into existence a more productive approach. 


Keep in mind, this second new moon in Cancer is preparing us for a Leo season of full embodiment and sovereignty. How do you see yourself fully stepping into your light and personal power? Allow the emotions of Cancer to flow freely. Swell in the tide of trust and surrender. Let the darkness of an empty sky, free of the moon’s glow, guide you into your intuitive prowess.


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