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Russell Brand Talks About DMT And Asks Can We Experience A Different Reality?



This episode of the Trews is a bit special for me as I am a big fan of Terence Mckenna and am also very interested in DMT. Despite Russell Brand being a former drug addict I feel the use of certain psychedelics used under the right circumstances can actually help people reach higher levels of inner peace and give a sense of spiritual awareness perhaps not possible to achieve through everyday ‘reality’. That is why Russell if you are reading this I would recommend you try DMT, and it would probably be better to try it in it’s natural form Ayahuasca. Almost everyone who has tried the drug says they do not feel the need to try it again anytime soon. The ‘trip’ or ‘journey’ they went on was enough to satisfy them that their bodies do not crave more.

Here are a couple of very interesting videos you might want to watch about DMT on our site :

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Kasim Khan, Team EiC

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