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Roaring February’s Full Moon in Leo with Heart-Centered Playfulness & Leadership



February Full Moon Leo

Love is in the air this month and the upcoming full moon in Leo on February 9, 2020, reminds us where it all starts—within. The Leo moon reminds us to listen within and lead from the heart as the progressive Aquarius sun pushes toward a collective upgrade. After all, what is moving forward without a couple of steps back? Integration is the main role in the evolutionary path of growth and this full moon in Leo strongly invites us to connect with our inner child.


Breaking Free From Past-Programming and Healing Wounds


In order to fully step into our strength, we must rip off the band-aid of comforting wounds. Any full moon marks the opportunity of letting go so we can make space for what is to come. This moon, in particular, focuses on the heart—Leo’s governing organ and energy center. 

Layers of societal demands are being shed as Aquarius sun progresses through past-programming on a collective layer. While the moon governs aspects of our emotional self, we are able to navigate Aquarian upgrades from Leo’s heart-centered hand. This means healing old wounds and letting go of self-limiting beliefs. If there is a narrative holding you back from achieving a dream you envision, this is the time to step out of the mind and into the heart. It’s easier said than done. However, the inner child and higher self join the lion’s pride to further guide along the path.


Connecting with the Inner Child and Bridging the Higher Self


The cool thing is that the inner child and higher self is always by your side. They speak in a language of their own. While the inner child may shout in glee or dismay, it typically manifests as a mirror calling to remind us of what nourishes the soul. The higher self often communicates in soft yet subtle tones. Both can be viewed as two halves making one whole heart. Out of bounds, we find ourselves spending a lot of time in the mind. In harmony, our movements are led from the heart.

A mirror meditation might be a helpful tool to add to your full moon ritual this season. Start by positioning yourself in front of a mirror. Find a comfortable seat and gaze into your reflection. Take a few deep breaths of gratitude as you observe your entire being. After setting the intention to connect with your inner child and higher self, gaze into an eye. You’ll see yourself and thoughts may arise. Accept any that come and observe with no judgment. Having an affirmation such as “I love myself,” or “It is okay to feel uncomfortable because I grow through love,” can be a great way to narrow in on an area of focus. When done a few times throughout the week, mirror meditations can reveal matters of the heart while moving us through tears and intense emotion. This is best practiced for 5-10 minutes followed by journaling any realizations.


Letting Go and Receiving Leo’s Warmth


How you choose to connect with yourself is entirely up to you. However, the warmth of Leo’s energy will hold you from a place of love as we embrace parts of ourselves to fully lead from the heart.

Remember, the cold nights of winter are almost over. Envision the golden rays of Leo energy as the full moon dances across the sky. What are you releasing during this lunar cycle? Growth and letting go is not a linear path, but it doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Let February’s full moon in Leo guide you through warmth, passion, and playfulness. 


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