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Ritual for New Moon in Aries: Healing Wounds & Burning Anew in Times of Uncertainty




The new moon is best known for it’s manifesting energy of new realities and beginnings. Aries, in particular, embodies this as the first sign of the zodiac. We are in a state of constant beginnings as we step into the new astrological year following the Spring Equinox on March 19. The fiery energy of Aries pushes us forward to set new seeds in the ground. However, the asteroid Chiron (also known as the wounded healer) visits to remind us of the emotional body and to tend to our health and well-being. 


In times of uncertainty, the world is experiencing intense waves of change. While the coronavirus pandemic has brought up a lot of fear through various media platforms, it is also teaching and reminding us of love. Collectively, the new moon in Aries is setting flames to an old world as it takes part in birthing the new earth shift. Individually, we are called to sit in our own fires, burn the fears, and heal our wounds. When we heal we are able to give more to the ones around us.


New Moon in Aries Ritual


Aries is passionate, self-motivated, and confident while Chiron is characterized as the “wounded healer.” Paired together, we are being called to look at our deep wounds and heal them by doing internal work. Accompanied by confident Aries, we are supported in the flames of truth. The following ritual invites you to delve into areas where you feel you might overcompensate in life or find new structures around self-worth and inadequacy. With the flames of fiery Aries, you embrace the truth, acknowledge the pain, and transform it into a new life. 


Tools: Candle, a bowl of water, pen, paper, trust


  • Center yourself in a sacred space—this could be in front of your altar or perhaps a calm space in your home. Make yourself comfortable with a pillow or blanket to sit on.
  • Sit with your breath as you ground into your seat. Take five breaths deep into the belly and exhale through the mouth. Let it all go.
  • With your eyes closed continue to breathe and allow feelings to surface. Continue for 10 minutes.
  • Write down the fears or limiting beliefs down on a sheet of paper in the language of “I release the fear of…. I release the limiting belief that…” Continue with “I call in…”
  • Light your candle and when you feel ready to let it go and call in your manifestations, burn the piece of paper. Extinguish the remains in the bowl of water.
  • Continue to hold your gaze on the candle. Meditate on your release and feel it in your body. Allow yourself to receive the warmth that you are calling in.
  • When you are ready, thank the flames for serving as a light and container to burn yourself anew.


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