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Push Your Boundaries. It’s what they are there for!



We have all seen motivational speakers and inspirational quotes. But to actually understand yourself and your boundaries is a bit more complex than just reading quotes. There is no such thing as cookie cut motivation, you can’t just watch someone else be motivated and copy and paste. It’s something only you can figure out for yourself. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is imperative to your personal growth.

It’s in our human nature to want to take risks and stir things up a bit in our lives. It’s completely healthy. But also a very difficult balance to learn – the balance between taking risks having considered the outcome and not getting too attached to the outcome. To learn about yourself, challenge yourself and embrace it is one of the most rewarding feelings.

“It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” 

Complacency can prevent our spiritual growth and our evolution as human beings. If we never question ourselves and what we want in life we can never really truly be our authentic selves. You need to feed your soul as it gets tired of just ‘being’. Start small and take baby steps!

Here are some ways you can break your comfort zone:

  1. Smile at EVERYONE. I think the most natural thing in the world is to be nice to each other. I tell a stranger I love them in my head every day 🙂 
  2. .Be completely alone with your thoughts. It’s such an uncomfortable thing to get used to because the thoughts that arise may actually shock you. But it’s important to release your emotions and it’s a healthy way to get to know yourself.
  3.  Do something you think you wouldn’t be good at. You may actually surprise yourself, and you might actually enjoy it.
  4. Go for dinner on your own. I guess the main reason people don’t do it is because they are embarrassed. However, when you start to realise that you actually aren’t the topic of everyone’s conversation, it is actually quite fun being in your own company.
  5. Go a whole day without your phone. I KNOW. Scary. We are so attached to our phones that we are so oblivious to nature, people and everything going on around us.
  6. Make a promise to yourself. That for one whole day you aren’t allowed to complain.
  7. Write a letter to someone you love and hide it for them. Learn how to be silly and embrace your vulnerable side.
  8. Get on a train and go somewhere random with no map. Be spontaneous. How can you be found if you are never lost!
  9. Have a clear out and get rid of your baggage – to symbolise a new start.
  10. Choose to let an argument go. It’s not about being the bigger person, just choosing not to feed your ego.
  11. Be kind to yourself. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Instead of that critical, self doubting voice inside your head, choose to be kind. Say words of affirmation. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Written by Abbey Stirling





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