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Why We Get Inspiration In The Shower According To Science



Cleanse Your Energy With Water

There is no coincidence that some of our most amazing ideas happen in the shower. This is because water can heighten your creativity, intuition and bring you amazing ideas.

When we are in the water, we often feel relaxed, our minds clear and a lot of dopamine is released.

Leo Widrich explains the science of creativity and says that these 2 main factors of relaxation and dopamine play a huge part in the inspiration we get. When we are in a relaxed state, we are able to connect to our true selves, think freely and inspiration tends to flow more and because the shower causes dopamine levels to rise, you feel good and get an increase of energy.

Whenever you feel stuck, confused, or mood is low, having a shower or putting water on your face is a great way to raise your vibe.

According to author Melanie Beckler, if you are ever faced with a difficult decision and need clarity, water/having a shower is a great way to do so and get guidance. Melanie says a great way to do this is to get in the water, think of your problem and send the question out into the universe – because once you do this it frees your mind and leaves you open to receive the answer. You can release it by saying “Please help me with_____.” Then the next step is to pay attention to any feelings, spontaneous thoughts, as these are often your guidance.

How To Cleanse Your Energy In The Shower 

1. When you get in the shower, visualize yourself surrounded by white light.

2. Visualise your aura and see any negative and bad feelings. Concentrate on the feel of the water on your skin.

3. Vision the water washing all of these bad feelings, guilt, jealousy, anger, sadness, depression right off you down the drain.

4. Let it pour on you and imagine it cleansing your body and your mind and enjoy the feeling of clarity and lightness.

5. When you are finished, visualize your aura and your energy as light clear and vibrant, give thanks for your body and give thanks you are now cleansed and have released all of the stress away.

6. You are now free from all that doesn’t serve you and are ready for a new beginning.



The Healing and Transformative Power of a Spiritual Shower

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