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Mercury Retrograde Is An Opportunity to Review, Retreat, and Revolutionize Our Inner-World



mercury retrograde

We’re reaching the finish line of Mercury retrograde in Pisces on March 10. While this period is commonly seen as an uncomfortable inconvenience causing communication and technological blips, there is much to learn from the process. With less than two weeks left in this period, it is a great opportunity to revisit any themes that may have come up. What aspects of yourself are asking to be renewed? Are there any habits you can let go of? Rather than blaming or wishing Mercury retrograde away, how can you work with the energy in a productive way?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion resulting from our position (on Earth) relative to Mercury and the term “retrograde” in this instance refers to a perceived reversal in the standard west-to-east movement of Mercury through the stars, according to LiveScience.

The difference in observed speed to Earth can make Mercury appear to be moving differently. Having Mercury as the ruler of all things communication and technology, it has an energetic effect on these topics. We see this in untimely emails, printer jams, communication issues, etc… However, these instances serve as an opportunity to slow things down and honor the prefix of “re.”




Is there an opportunity being presented to you? Are you taking steps to move in a new direction? During the Mercury retrograde period, we are invited to review our thought process, choices, and read between the lines. There is never a need to rush. Everything is happening just as it is meant to.




Take time to honor yourself fully. Retreat and tend to your sacred temple. The buzz of Mercury retrograde can bring feelings of anxiety amongst the collective. Take this time to meditate, journal, or create art. Do what makes you feel good and nourish yourself with love.




The cyclical nature of energy brings an alchemical dive into the structure of our perspectives. How can you revolutionize the way you see and interact with your current reality? Nothing stays the same forever. The opportunities that arise throughout Mercury in retrograde provide a transformation once the planet goes direct.


This is a time for working deeply within. As we enter the new season, the completion of this Mercury retrograde will bear the fruits of your inner-work.


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