As the intersection between science and spirituality weaves ever tighter, I can’t help but wonder… There is so much we continue to discover about deep space, the cosmos, and universal energy. What if the mysteries of our own power are ready to be discovered too? If we only use 10% of our brains, what if the other 90% is hidden power that has been lying dormant within us?

Many of us know about the Holographic Universe theory, virtually proven by the double-slit experiment (that electrons exist in multiple locations as waves when they’re not observed, and only take solid form when being observed) so if we are the ones creating our realities around us, why wouldn’t we use all the power at our disposal to serve the planet and the highest evolutionary path of our species.

As a transformational coach, everything I do with myself and my clients is about clearing the blockages we all have in some form or another, around giving and receiving all the love, power, magic, joy and potential we are all so worthy of accessing & experiencing. I have found that once we heal our wounds we ALL have unique MAGIC! The world needs us to find it and use it in service of humanity and this beautiful planet we live on! This video is about the most simple ways you can clear the pathways to find your Magic, and become a more powerful version of you who are meant to be.

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