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Joe Rogan on Invisible Aliens, String Theory & Collective DMT Dreams



Two of my favourite people Abby Martin and Joe Rogan recently got together to discuss some super interesting topics. Here are just a couple of quotes to tease you. Check out the whole video below.

”It is possible that some advanced beings that exists in these other dimensions…  this is where it gets really crazy! ..might not just be able to come visit us, but they might be here all the time, we just cant detects because we simply don’t have the ability.”

”We look at the idea of a dream like ”oh is just a dream”, but what does that really mean? We don’t exactly know what the f*ck a dream is. We know that we look forward to sleeping, we know that we shut off every night with no hesitation , no ones scared to go to sleep, everyone’s scared to die but no ones scared to go to sleep. And when you shut off and you lose control and you have these crazy memories of these wild things that happen to you ”in your dreams”, it’s quite possible that what that is just a non-physical reality that you’re dipping your consciousness into…”

~ Joe Rogan

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