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Implement These Powerful Ways to Reign In This Weekend’s 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Activation



The time of sun is upon us and Leo season is serving up some serious rays to assist in our ascension. Every year, the Lion’s Gate Portal occurs from July 26 through August 12. Celestially speaking, the sun and Earth align with the bright star, Sirius, known for its high ambition and healing qualities. With such a powerful alignment this portal poses an opportune time to harness the energy of the cosmic king of the jungle. While Lion’s Gate occurs throughout the Leo season, August 8 marks the date where these celestial beings align and open the light activation portal.


Roar, Purr, & Meow From the Heart

Cats are known for the soft inner purrs that often communicate feelings of safety and serenity. Maybe this manifests as soft affirmations in the morning to fully own your power. Perhaps the strong roar of a lion and loud meow of a cat brings forth an opportunity to speak without fear of judgment or stand up for what you fully believe in. There are a lot of issues coming to light and the potential Lion’s Gate offers means greater change continues to flow in the works.


Play, Nibble, & Roll Around

The sun is out in full form bringing out every inner-child to come out and play. Whether you enjoy the outdoors often or prowl in the comforts of your home, the Lion’s Gate portal is a potent time to tap into new perspectives regarding play. Perhaps this looks like changing up your yoga sequence, exploring new trails, or finding playful moments in household chores.


Rest Like the Royal Lion You Are

Lions are known to rest for up to 23 hours a day. In fact, they are no takers of busy work or falling prey to distraction. As wild hunters, their rest is integral to ensure a successful venture for their meals. As for house kittens, rest ensures wild moments that often wake us up at the wee hours of the morning. Take a look at what rest means for you and sit with the feeling of what it is to be without distraction. If this means looking at your phone less or enjoying slow mornings with tea, then allow yourself to relish in these restful moments of royalty to fuel your daily adventures.



Soak In the Rays of Our Sun

Connecting with the sun does so much in the sense of providing relaxation and offering Vitamin D. The solar disk is also a reminder of the self-fueling source we all carry within. Take this time to sunbathe and breathe light into all areas of your body. How can you tap into the sun’s qualities and embody them as your own from your inner core?


Radiate Your Light Onto Others

As you continue to fill your self up, hone your crafts, and connect with your playful spirit, you will be poised to inspire others with your light. It is important to share as it may guide another to do the same whether it be in expressing vulnerability, sharing, and asking for help. The time of the lone wolf is over as the sun continues to communicate, heal, and inspire leader mindsets.


As we approach the alignment on August 8, listen to the sensations in your body. Just like growing pains, ascending toward new levels of consciousness affect the body in it’s own way. If you’re feeling tingles, frustration, or anxiety over things that are hard to pinpoint, trust these signs are directing you toward a shift. You are ready for the next part of your journey. Practice these options to fully harness the power of the Lion’s Gate Portal and bring your desires to life from the highest light.


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