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How to Use Conscious Dreaming As A Sacred Practice for Inner Growth and Transformation



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Our dreams are nightly visitors that serve many purposes whether it be working through stimuli, resetting, or guiding our awareness. One of the most potent tools dreams provide is the various languages of symbols. Perhaps it’s not so much about the topic of the dream, but rather the symbols that show up to lead us toward introspection. While symbols can offer a universal meaning in waking reality, dream symbols tend to have their own personal meaning for the dreamer. This is why dream dictionaries can only go so far. The symbolism consists of the importance you personally identify with. The more we understand our personal dream symbols, the better we can work with dreams as a conscious practice for inner growth and transformation.

Form a relationship with your dreams.

If you find it difficult to remember dreams, you’ll want to establish ways to better remember them and form a relationship with the dream realm. Journaling is a great technique that allows you to review your dream while strengthening your dreamer’s muscle. This allows you to see repetitive patterns and symbols that may later show up. Do these symbols show up in specific times or areas? How do they make you feel? What can you learn from them?

Set an intention.

It’s important to set an intention before going to sleep. If there is a question you have or guidance you wish to receive, set the intention before resting your head. The answers will come from an uninterrupted inner space. You are your own guru and the answers are within. Having an intention set invites the dream realm to actively work with you as you strengthen your relationship with the self.



Learn which symbols appear most and how they tend to show up in waking reality. The world we perceive is a direct reflection of the one we experience within. If you can learn from these symbols and work with them from a conscious space, it is possible you can shift and invite specific experiences into your reality. What do your dreams inspire you to dream of?


Now it’s time to apply what you have learned and live it out. It’s a practice that starts from within. Creating your dream reality is as easy as dreaming itself. Let go of nightmare mentality. Let go of false narratives. Allow yourself to continually evolve and expand whether you are awake or dreaming.

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