Relationships can be the most challenging, and also the most rewarding parts of our lives. Yet so many of us get stuck in partnerships where we feel like we can’t truly be ourselves, or let our softer sides show.

There are so many false and limiting beliefs running in any given romantic interaction:

Men have been programmed to think they have to be the strong, stable provider all the time. Being told your emotions are weak leaves you without a margin of error for your own pain or sadness- and when we suppress our sadness it usually leads to an eruption of anger or rage.

Women have been programmed to believe they have to be perfect, that their emotions are crazy or unwelcome, and tend to feel unsafe expressing their needs.

How are we supposed to truly connect with someone if we have to hide any part of us that doesn’t fit into the societal projection of perfection?

This video has a few simple steps to stepping into and standing in your strength and sovereignty in relationships. If you can utilize these tools in an empowered and compassionate way, ALL of your relationships- romantic and otherwise, will transform.

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