Jeff Lieberman, an MIT-trained artist, scientist and engineer, makes a scientific argument for mystical experience. He asks us to challenge our perception of what we are, our relationship to the universe, and our relationship to one another. Our minds are “thought-generating machines.” What we would happen if we could turn off the machine? If we could transcend our individual experience of the world?

Jeff Lieberman (MIT graduate) does a superb job of tying science, physics, neuroscience, consciousness and spirituality  all together to deliver a message which many philosophers, thinkers and even some scientists have been trying to explain to us for a long time – that our separateness from each other is an illusion which ultimately creates most of the suffering we experience. If we can recognize our fundamental inter-connectedness with other humans, all animals and all life,  we can no longer exploit the planet, harm animals, judge other people or see the world, or our place in it, the same way again. – Kasim Khan, Team EiC.

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