Give it away and it will come back – Alan Watts

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”…If you know that you do not understand, then you truly understand, for the Brahman is unknown to those who know it, and known to those who know it not’.

And the principle is that any time you, as it were, voluntarily let up control, in other words, cease to cling to yourself, you have an access to power. Because you’re wasting energy all the time in self-defense, trying to manage things, trying to force things to conform to your will.

The moment you stop doing that, that wasted energy is available. And therefore you are, in that sense, having that energy available, you are one with the divine principle. You have the energy! When you’re trying, however, to act as if you are god, that is to say, you don’t trust anybody and you’re the dictator and you have to keep everybody in line, you lose the divine energy, because what you’re doing is simply defending yourself.”

You may need to listen to this one a few times to really understand it’s deeply profound meaning. Please be sure to share it around using the share buttons above or below. If you like Alan Watts you can simply type his name into the search box at the top right of the website and you can listen to many of his most inspirational speeches.


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