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Everything You Need to Know About the New Moon in Aquarius, the First of the Decade



New Moon in Aquarius 2020

After an intense full moon eclipse season that required us to let go, we are stepping into the first new moon of the decade in Aquarius. The new moon will occur January 24, 2020. Physically, new moons are a reset that continue to wax until it becomes full. Energetically, the new moon represents an empty container with the potential to fill with abundant manifestation. The sign of Aquarius relates to all things modernization, technology, upgrades, and progression. It’s relationship to the emotional aspect of the moon can bring a desire for emotional freedom. What we choose to fill our container with during this cycle has the potential to leave a lasting effect on the ripples to come.

Aquarius Square to Uranus Calling for Drastic Change

The new moon in Aquarius is square to its ruling planet, Uranus. Think of a square as it bringing out the harder angles of a circle. This is what is happening here as Uranus brings out aspects of Aquarius that can feel like a curveball. To benefit from the changes ahead it is crucial to embrace them and move with rather than against. Be open and receptive while remaining focused on what truly matters.


Balance Between Tech Advancements and the Natural World

The new moon in Aquarius is also sextile to Sagitarrius. This represents a positive harmony between the signs promoting areas of growth with ease. While the sign of Aquarius governs progression through information, technology, and modernization the sign of Sagittarius flourishes in adventure and exploration. Often depicted as half-man/half-horse, Sagittarius serves as a reminder between the animalistic traits of our human perspective. This is a great opportunity to balance our modernized growth toward fancy ways to communicate through text versus that of natural simplicity. Spend time appreciating mother nature as she is by going for a walk with a friend and sharing insights. The harmony between Aquarius and Sagittarius can lead to curious adventures whether it be in life, love, or career. 

New Moon Manifestation

New Moon in Aquarius—Moving Through the Darkness

New moon manifestation occurs in the darkness. The seeds we plant are with the hands of our intuition. This is a time to feel into your body—to your gut. Some questions to reflect on can help during your practice. What areas in your life require growth? Where is there a need for balance between technology and nature?

The new moon in Aquarius is the first of the decade serving as a fertile ground to setting forth positive intentions for the self and others. As we move further into the Aquarian Age, this new moon sets the tone perfectly for the moons to follow in 2020.


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