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‘Undone’ Is An Animated Series Exploring Time-Bending Reality & Self-Perception



Conscious media continues to weave its way into mainstream modalities such as Duncan Trussel’s recent Midnight Gospel on Netflix. The release of animated series, Undone, has presented itself in front of millions of viewers on the Amazon platform making alternative perspectives toward reality more accessible to western audiences. In this series, viewers follow the story of Alma as she recovers from a life-altering car accident that reveals a dream-like reality as she solves her own limiting self-beliefs while helping uncover the truth behind her father’s murder.


From the minds of Katy Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Undone portrays life experiences at all angles. From the monotonous daily cycles of a 9-5 job, uncovering the veil, facing death, and evolving through the discomfort of change.



This series poses questions that transcend our physical reality and limited understanding of nature. What exactly is time and how can we mold it to our highest potential? Is this all there is? As the episodes progress, she undergoes shamanic training sessions with her deceased father. Perhaps this intertwining of reality might save his life from being taken. Or maybe it might just save her from herself and the life she was leading. There is no certainty in direction or outcome. The only certainty lies in the unknown’s ability to keep timelines shifting as decisions are made.

Undone’s animation is a breathtaking work of art as characters are brought to life through rotoscope. Rotoscoping is a technique where artists trace over the voice actor’s images and blend it with the footage


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