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‘No-Touch’ Therapy Offers Healing Services Despite Social Distancing Measures



The last several months have been uncertain as a whole. With summer coming to an end, many are navigating the future of their businesses, services, and offerings. From a healing perspective, increased measures have been taken to ensure the health and safety of clients and providers. As we enter the cooler months ahead, we might imagine healing services looking different than they have in the past. No-touch therapy is a method of ensuring a safe healing experience.


Sound Healing

Sound healing is an excellent option for those who are seeking a “no-touch” therapy approach. The power of sound permeates through all forms and works through matter to reconstruct from a cellular level. Listening to binaural beats or healing frequencies can leave a lasting effect on your overall well-being. This can be done in the comfort of your own home with a pair of headphones, or you can find a space offering sound healing. Most providers are keeping their doors open for socially distant services.


Online Yoga

Instructors have adjusted to the switch and began offering yoga classes online. While Youtube provides an abundance of yoga classes, some find it more motivational to practice with an instructor through their own platform. Not only does this keep a practice consistent, but it also promotes community through online gatherings. It is a practical approach that I have found helpful in my experience that feels like I never even left the studio.



Reiki, as a practice, is typically done free of touch. In its essence, reiki works by channeling life force energy from the palm of your hands to the subject you are working on. While receiving Reiki can be noted as a “no-touch” approach, practicing self-reiki removes variables of infection. Health aside, self-reiki is a powerful tool in healing and balancing the energetic body. When done consistently, it has the potential to clear blockages, rid disease, and promote stability.


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