1. Set the intention:
    “Each day I am moving towards more clarity of my life purpose.”
  2. Create a purpose statement
    For example. What would you really love to do? What is your biggest struggle? Turn that into your purpose to overcome it. I wrote out my purpose statement: “My purpose is to create freedom and joy in a creative way whilst bringing value, joyfulness and freedom to other peoples lives, my focus and ability to be in the present moment increases and I am filled with inspiration and I am doing this every day more and more.” Then when you feel like you have fulfilled that and got more clarity, you can re-write your purpose statement. Read it to yourself every day.
  3. Work on your mindset
    You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be ♥
  4. Change your perspective on what your purpose is
    Realize your life is a purpose, is already a purpose. You are here for a reason. You don’t have to find it, you are already living it.
  5. Focus on feeling good first
    Fill yourself up and give yourself love before you make decisions when you do things from a good feeling place the results will be satisfying.
  6. Pay attention
    See the signs what you are naturally drawn to, get excited about and desire. Your desires are put into your heart for a reason because the universe wants you to put your intake into this desire and share your version of it.
  7. Clear Your Mind
    Clear your mind through Meditation, use a journal to track your thoughts and feelings and to check patterns.
  8. Stop following your passion and follow curiosity
    What are you really interested in and love learning about? “Follow your passion” is so vague – what if nothing excites you? But whatever you are curious about is your natural pull, whatever you spend your time trying to learn and understand is often a sign of being your purpose.

Do work that feeds your soul, not your ego.

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