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Are Elon Musk & Neil deGrasse Tyson Right? Are We In A Simulation? Asks Russell Brand



People talk a lot about simulated realities. Only recently leaders of the science community like Elon Musk and Neil deGrass Tyson have been talking in great length the high probability that we are are actually living in a simulated reality.

Russell Brand in this episode of The Trews seems to be in agreement with them but also asks is that much different than the more spiritual belief that our universe was created by a higher consciousness?

He seems to feel that we are simply using a new vocabulary to describe an ancient idea. It makes him think that we are only able to receive truth if it comes through the medium of materialistic language or what he calls rationalistic post-enlightenment thought.

According to Russell consciousness precedes matter. And this conversation we are having about simulated realities is a good one.

Perhaps science and spirituality are much more closer than we think?

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