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A Message From The Universe



Synchronicity is Your Message From The Universe

There is no such thing as chance in our incredible universe.

The coincidences and synchronicities are carefully orchestrated by your guides and angels – so when you experience them recognize them as a hand of guidance.

When you notice them appreciate them, as they are your message to show you that its ok and you are on the right path.

Start to expect and look for them, be aware that there is a divine bigger reason for them and consider what the message or lesson is. Start replacing “why is this happening to me” with “what is this trying to tell me?”

Synchronicity is also a reminder to you that all things happen in the right timing, you are always in the right place and the right time and everything will work out just as they are meant to be.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity can be defined as the experience of when two events come together at the same time and appear related, but have no clear connection.

Increase the synchronicity in your life

The best way to see the reasons and get clear understanding of the messages is to meditate and do things that clear and relax your mind, even if its just taking 5 minutes to close your eyes and be in silence, or sitting for 15 minutes in the morning and just being aware of what you are thinking about. Journal and ask yourself to be shown clarity.


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