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You Should Be Cleansing Your Sexual Aura; Here Are 4 Ways to Do It




You’ve probably heard someone say, “whenever you sleep with someone you’re also sleeping with all the people they’ve ever slept with” at some point in your life. While that’s not technically true, there is some merit to what’s being said, but not for the reasons you might think.

As humans, each and every one of us carries with them an ‘energy.’ We have multiple energies, one of them being our sexual energy or intimate energy. Whenever we’re intimate with another person, these intimate energies of each person become merged or even absorbed by the other.

So, if you sleep with people who are full of positive, loving energy, you absorb that energy, and it brings you up. In the same manner, if you’re sleeping with negative, destructive people, you’ll notice a shift in your energy toward the other end of the spectrum.


If we don’t regularly cleanse our intimate and sexual energies, they become ‘contaminated’ (for lack of a better word) by the energies of the people we’ve been sleeping with. So, in that sense, we are kind of getting intimate with whoever else our partner has been getting intimate with, which is why it’s important to regularly cleanse your sexual energy.

If you don’t, your energy will eventually be weighted down by all of the ‘dirt and debris’ you’ve collected from any partners over the course of time, which makes your vibration lower.

Four ways to cleanse your intimate aura

Aura meditation

Aura meditation helps us focus on ridding ourselves of undesirable energies that we may have acquired over time. Use meditation to regularly ground yourself by clearing your auras, energy channels and chakras. Use energy-based aura meditation to regularly cleanse your energetic being, just as you would take a shower or brush your teeth.

Aura healings

When we need an aura healing, we seek out a healer who will help you cast away any unwanted energies. These healers are people who will help restore your flow of energy by removing any blockages. Reiki is one form of aura healing that is effective and popular in many areas.


Aura readings

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between our own energies and foreign energies we’ve obtained from elsewhere. An aura reader will assist you in picking out which energies are yours and which ones you need to get rid of. Recognizing which energies are your own is important for getting rid of the right ones.

Accept your emotions, and then express them

When we have emotional energy that does not get released or channeled in a proper way, it can create a blockage in our spiritual energy system. When this happens, unwanted energies get trapped inside.

To avoid this, make sure you’re truly feeling any emotions that have hid themselves away. When we let ourselves experience these hidden emotions, we release that energy, which helps keep our systems flowing healthily.

Other methods

Other practices that will help clean your aura, in addition to the four listed above, include:

  • Bathing in Epsom salt, which helps stimulate energy flow and the removal of minor psychic debris.
  • Swimming. Ocean water is chock-full of salt and minerals which are great for cleansing our energies and auras.
  • *Sunlight*, because lower vibrational frequencies do not exist without exposure to sunlight, and it helps stimulate the continued movement of your own energies.

Source: Expanded Consciousness



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