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Begin Your Consistent Reiki Practice for Self-Care and Energetic Clearing



The face of self-care may take the appearance of external validation through purchasing facial masks or massages. It’s not to say these are invalid options. However, the amount of self-care found in free alternatives often gets overlooked by the collective. Where spa dates and pampered appointments serve their purpose so do more reserved aspects dedicated to the inner temple. Among the variety of modalities practicing Reiki for self-care and energy clearing can deepen our relationship with the self, promote healing and life flow.

Originating from the Japanese language “rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning life energy, it flows through each one of us. However, there are additional ways to deepen practice through various courses and energy attunements. While it is a modality that can be offered to others, the best place to start is with ourselves. 

After receiving a level one white light attunement last year, I have incorporated this energetic approach to accompany my meditation practice. Whether attuned or not, Reiki runs through all of us and you can start your Reiki practice right now.


Incorporating Reiki Into Your Self-Care Ritual

Approaching Reiki with an open mind can take your healing to deeper levels. Whether you are familiar with Reiki or not, it’s fairly simple to add to your self-care ritual. Whether it be after meditation or before bed, the more you practice the deeper your experience will be.

It’s like the heat that forms when you rub your hands together. Go ahead. Rub them until the heat presents itself and then slowly pull them away. This is the warmth that runs through you always. Place your hands over your face. When we intentionally direct it to certain areas we allow this life force energy to do what it does best.

When beginning a self-Reiki session, spend a few breaths opening yourself up to receive. Envision your crown opening as you set an intention. You are a vessel for the purest light to flow through. Reiki can be worked with to reduce stress, induce sleep, and clear energy blockages. 

You can flow where you feel your body calls to and simply start from your head and down the chakra system. Spend a few minutes on each energetic center. Once you have completed your practice it is necessary to cleanse yourself and close the energy. Thank yourself for the space you created and the time you dedicated.

The Benefits of Consistent Energy Clearing

When our vessel is clear from blockages the potential at our disposal is limitless. We’re free from overactive thoughts, fear mentality, and stagnant energy in the body. However, we live in a world that requires us to come into contact with different forces varying from bustling cities, electromagnetic waves, etc… It is not uncommon for these energies to stay in our field causing imbalances that have the potential to manifest as physical ailments. When practiced consistently we create a regular flow for energy to be released. 

The benefits of self Reikio beyond what they do for you at a personal level. From becoming closer to your body and noticing the subtle signs it sends you, the process of sharing it with others is just as rewarding.


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