Throughout history certain parts of the world have been know to be high in spiritual energy where people can go on pilgrims to find a strong connection and even get in touch with ‘divine’ powers. Well a place that I’m sure many of will never have heard of is fast becoming know as the most spiritually powerful place on Earth. It is said you many hidden truths lie in the night sky and that when you dream there your dreams will be extremely powerful and ones that you will never forget. In the past places like Tibet, India and even parts of South America have always been known for their strong spiritual history but there is a new place far away from these places . . . that is said to contain the strongest energy field of them all.


The place considered as the most spiritual in the world is Rila, Bulgaria.

In particular around it’s mountains and lakes the energy field is strongest. People travel from all around the world simply to be there and feel the energy. The more sensitive you are the more you will be affected by this area.

For those of you who can lucid dream then this place might give you some of the most spectacular experiences of your life.

Pilgrims mark ‘spiritual’ new year in Bulgarian mountains


Also one of the greatest spiritual masters, Beinsa Duno chose to share his wisdom from the mountains of Rila. Here is a video containing more information about this spiritual man and his work and connection to Rila.

I for one am very glad I have learnt about this place and it is definitely going on the bucket list. Please SHARE this magnificent place with your family and friends.



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