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5 Daily Mindful Acts To Practise Self-Care



Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

Mind. Body. Spirit.   – Unknown

Try being your best friend every day. Not the enemy.

When you feel a certain way – ANY way, just take a moment to first of all ask yourself “how do I feel right now?” Seriously, try it! OK, so lets say you feel upset for example. Honour it. There is nothing wrong with how you feel and you have every right to feel it. Then ask yourself “what can I do to help myself?” “what do I need right now?” Whatever it is you need, give it to yourself! Try it once, without feeling guilty or that you don’t feel you deserve it. No excuses.

Allow yourself to NOT feel motivated all the time.

Let’s be honest, finding motivation IS hard sometimes, and sometimes even when you are motivated things still don’t go your way. Don’t put yourself down about not being motivated 24/7, it’s not even possible. If it were, do you think you would still look forward to life’s amazing highs? Would you really know how to appreciate life and all it’s wonderful surprises. There would be no uncertainty and that adrenaline we feel when we know we are experiencing something difficult and challenging… knowing that at some point we will see the silver lining. Life is a rollercoaster and is full of ups and downs!

Practise gratitude! It could be the biggest gift you give yourself!

Shouldn’t we be learning to accept life as it is and acknowledging what we have right in front of us? Sometimes we are too busy chasing the dream, chasing something we think will make us happier, or more successful, or add more value to our lives. But will it? What about the right here and now! Most of the time when we attain whatever it is we believe will make us happier… it doesn’t. Try keeping a daily journal (I used inspiration from The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne)

  1.  Gratitude now
  2. Gratitude intentions

Set an intention for the day and do it!

All too often we set goals and ambitions and we allow things to get in the way. Have you ever told yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I didn’t really want to do it anyway” or “It was a stupid idea in the first place” So many excuses we tell ourselves and excuses are just lies to ourselves. Most of the time we fail to stay accountable to our goals and aspirations because we have a fear of failure. But if we take a second to remember that everyone else is also scared of the exact same thing, it doesn’t feel as scary. Your intentions don’t have to be extravagant or complicated, it just has to mean something to YOU… no one else!

Find a healthy escape.

Most of us have busy lives; whether it be careers, full time parents, running businesses, studying… we forget to just BE OURSELVES! We all need an escape to zone out from the rest of the world. It’s important to channel our creative energy into something that feeds our soul. Gradually as you connect with your inner self by reserving time for yourself to do what you love, you will start to feel more confident that you are taking steps in a new healthier direction!

Written by Abbey Stirling

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