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The Secret of Finding Motivation for Your Dreams (Law Of Attraction)


The secret of motivation and how to transform that desire to reality.

The Definition of Desire: “of the father” 
Anything you desire has been given to you with the knowingly that you can achieve it, then it’s up to you to believe in the ability and to make it happen. The ability is already built within you to achieve it otherwise you wouldn’t have had the desire in the first place.

Greatness is something that exists in all of us.

You just need to believe you can create whatever you want.

How to Take these desires and start to put it into precision:


1.Set Goals

1st step is to set goals, write them down and create them big enough to excite you.
Thoughts are things.
When you write them down you become a creator.
With goals, we create our destiny.
Whatever we focus on consistently we create in our life.
Set goals and do it over and over again.
Repetition is the mother of skill.
When you set a goal, you acknowledge to your conscious and subconscious mind is not where you want to be, then you begin to notice what you want and where you currently are, so when you become dissatisfied your goal helps you motivate you to make things happen.

Pressure and intention are drivers of our actions.

No pressure = no motivation. When you clearly define what you want and see you are not there, this creates pressure and creates this drive. Look at it every single day.

2.Understand Why

Get clear on the why rather than how it’s going to happen.
The purpose is stronger than the outcome.

The purpose of goals is not what you get but what they make of you as a person.
Get specific, you want to make a million, why? It’s not the money, its always what you will do with it, how you will change the people’s lives around you, having more freedom etc. This is more motivating.

For example, the thought of actually going to work out may not motivate you, but if you know why:  because it makes you feel amazing and you will feel better, this inspires you to take action.

Link the pain of not getting it, think why do I want it and what will happen if I don’t get this?

3.Make a list of things you don’t like or not where you want to be?


What am I not happy with them?

This creates pressure

4.Have a consistent focus.

Set goals consistently.
Review your goals. Check them daily.  Spend 5 minutes each day checking them.

Fundamentals need to be practiced daily.

It’s not the hard stuff, its the easy stuff that’s hard to do, because it’s so easy we think we don’t need to do it. Repetition = Mastery.

Set goals monthly and look at your top goals daily.
Write them down every day.

5.What beliefs do I need to have to get these goals?

What do I need to believe to achieve my goals? Do you believe you deserve them, do you believe you can actually achieve it?

Your belief determines your destiny. 

“One can have no smaller greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”

Download my free 2018 goal sheet to help you plan out your goals for the year!

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