Scientists Discover Mysterious New Human Organ Called “Mesentery”

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A new mysterious human organ has been discovered in the human digestive system called the “mesentery”, whose purpose isn’t yet fully understood. Though the presence of the newly discovered organ could hold the key to understanding and treating digestive system diseases, as well as other diseases.


Quite interestingly, the great Leonardo da Vinci suggested that this organ existed, but has been ignored my mainstream scientists up until now. Below is a picture of Leonardo’s drawing of the mesentery organ.


The mesentery was previously thought to be “fragmented structures within the digestive system”, but has now been shown to be a single organ.

According to researcher J Calvin Coffey, who first discovered the organ with his team at University Hospital Limerick in Ireland, said that this discovery opens up “a whole new area of science.”

Now that researchers know the anatomy and structure of the organ, the next step will be to figure out the function. Coffey explained:

“If you understand the function you can identify abnormal function, and then you have disease. Put them all together and you have the field of mesenteric science.”

Medical students and researchers will now be able to investigate the role the mesentery possibly plays in abdominal diseases, which could eventually lead to an understanding of how to heal abdominal and digestive system diseases and disorders.


The research paper was published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology. Coffey said:

“In the paper, which has been peer reviewed and assessed, we are now saying we have an organ in the body which hasn’t been acknowledged as such to date. The anatomic description that had been laid down over 100 years of anatomy was incorrect. This organ is far from fragmented and complex. It’s simply one continuous structure.” 

Though the organ is located in the abdominal cavity and could point to information about abdominal and digestive system diseases, the researchers wrote in the study that they are still unclear as to what specific system the mesentery belongs to:

“Whether the mesentery should be viewed as part of the intestinal, vascular, endocrine, cardiovascular, or immunological systems is so far unclear, as it has important roles in them all.” 

Perhaps this will lead to even more scientific discoveries about the human body. We know that this body we have is one of great beauty, mystery and information. What fascinating new discoveries will researchers and scientists find next?

What do you think about this discovery? How about the fact that Da Vinci said that it existed centuries ago, while it has been ignored for so long? Will there be other organs or scientific discoveries about the human body that have been suggested before but have been ignored by mainstream science?

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the creator of Educate Inspire Change(EIC). He founded EIC in 2012 to help keep people informed, to encourage people to expand their consciousness and to inspire people to reach for their dreams.
Since 2019 he has been going through the most transformative period of his life working with Sacred Plant Medicines out of Costa Rica and is now focusing much more on creating conscious content with the sole purpose of giving people more self-awareness so that they can heal mind, body & spirit and live a full life of meaning and purpose.

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