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Video: Nikola Tesla Believed The Great Pyramids Were Once Used to Transmit Energy



For thousands of years, the Great Pyramids have stood as hallmarks of ingenuity, royalty, and engineering. Their very nature suggests they were designed and built by a people with superior intelligence and access to advanced tools and skills.

But perhaps there is more to these supposed massive burial chambers for Egyptian kings that still lie shrouded in mystery — where are the capstones? Even the one-dollar bill displays the missing gold-crusted point of the pyramid.

Some have even begun to suggest that the pyramids were originally intended to be giant machines, capable of producing and transmitting electromagnetic frequencies. The internal construction of the Great Pyramid resembles a power plant, and no mummy has ever been found inside the pyramid. Is this merely a coincidence, or is it possible that the pyramids weren’t burial chambers but rather energy transmitters?

Even Tesla himself wondered this, and some of the ongoing research for energy-emitting pyramids is based on his own research and development. Questions as to what the pyramids are for, why they were built, and even why they all seem to be missing their last piece have been haunting great minds for centuries, and like any great mystery, the answers seem ever-evasive.

The video below is a collaboration between After Skool and and does an amazing job combining Nikola Tesla and his ideas behind limitless energy and the mysterious Pyramids of Egypt.


Nikola Tesla – Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt (VIDEO)

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