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Thousands see ‘floating city’ in skies above China. What could it possibly be?



Footage recorded by a resident of the city of Foshan in Guangdong province, China, looks as if there is a gigantic floating city, complete with skyscrapers, floating in the clouds.

The news has got people’s imaginations working overtime as everyone is trying to figure out what this caused this strange phenomenon. Explanations for the event have ranged from a glitch in the matrix, alternate universes opening up and NASA attempting to establish a new world order through a plan called the “Blue Beam Project“.

However it seems the most likely explanation is the least exciting one. Weather experts have explained the phenomena as natural mirage, an optical illusion called Fata Morgana.

Fata Morgana can be seen on land or sea and involves the optical distortion and inversion of distant objects such as boats, which appear as skyscrapers because the images become stacked, when rays of light bend as they pass through air of different temperatures such as in a heat haze.

Whatever it was that caused this city in the sky it has sure captured my attention and for the time being I’m going to go with the theory that it was a temporary gaze into a parallel universe caused by a vortex between worlds.

Kasim Khan, Team EiC


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