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These Are The Best Way Science-Backed Ways To Get Over Someone If You’ve Been Dumped



According to science love is an addiction and if you are suffering from heart-break the best way to heal yourself is to treat it in the same way you would an addiction.

Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist and author of “Anatomy of Love,” and she says heartbreak has physiological effects on our minds and bodies much like addictions do and because of this there is a scientific reason as to why love or loss of love can hurt so much.

She explains all in this short video:

So to summarize :

  • Throw away or at least hide away the things that remind you of the person who has hurt you.
  • Do not make contact by text or any other method to the person who has left you.
  • Surround yourself with old friends and try not to hang around places or with people connected to your now ex. Cut off all ties if you can.
  • Get hugs and physical affection from good friends and family who genuinely care about you.
  • Get some physical exercise.

One of the points I have left out is the use of pain killers or aspirin. Whilst this may well work to temporarily numb or ease the pain I feel that good diet and nutrition is a far better long term solution to the problem of heart break.

And lastly it is true what they say … Time Does Heal!

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