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This futuristic & Eco-Friendly hotel is going to be built at the base of a glacier



While we marvel at ancient architecture, today’s architects are designing incredible buildings for the future, with factors such as environmental impact and self-sufficiency top of mind.

This amazing, ring-shaped hotel, designed by architects Snohetta and named “Svart”, will, when completed, be the first hotel in a northern climate to be awarded the ‘energy positive’ Powerhouse standard as one of the most efficient buildings in the world.

Planned to be built at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in norther Norway, the hotel will produce its own energy and consume an estimated 85% less energy than today’s standard hotels.

The ringed design allows all rooms to best use the sun’s energy.

Snohetta’s hotel could be the first to achieve the Powerhouse standard and be the most northern Powerhouse building in the world simultaneously.

The design shows the beauty of its simplicity, with the circular building extending from the shoreline over the Holandsfjorden fjord, supported by wooden support poles anchored meters below the freezing surface water.

The hotel will harness the sun to meet its energy needs.

The support poles would also serve as a boardwalk for guests to enjoy in summer and as a storage area for boats and kayaks.

As part of the environmentally conscious ideal, motor vehicles won’t have access to the hotel.

“The precious nature surrounding the hotel can only be accessed by boat and there are plans to introduce an energy neutral boat shuttle from the city of Bodø to the hotel,” the company says.

The circular design will provide all rooms and facilities access to sunlight and the roof will be covered with solar panels to make the hotel ‘energy positive’.

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