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These “Volkspod” Scooters Were Created Using Old Volkswagen Beetle Fenders



The Volkswagen, ‘the people’s car’, aka the Beetle. First manufactured in Germany in 1938, inexpensive and reliable so everyone could afford their own vehicle. Eventually, over 21 million traveled roads all over the world. Sadly, after 65 years, the last one left the assembly line in 2003. Although there are still plenty of the iconic VW Beetles on the roads, it’s awesome to see new innovative ways of using parts of those sitting forgotten in sheds, garages or fields. Take Volkswagen enthusiast Brent Walter, for example, who used the fenders from an old Beetle to create two awesome tiny motorcycles, and named his design ‘‘Volkspod’’.

Walter apparently wanted a scooter to take to Volkswagen shows, “These fenders were left over from building my car. I also wanted to practice welding the thin sheet metal panels,” he said.

Walter has built a couple of bikes of different design but the ‘’Volkspod’’ is definitely a winner. Working on the two bikes since March, Walter explained, “The original (green) has a 79cc motor and is more for looks than it is practical. The second (blue) one has more ground clearance and a 212cc motor. It is more practical to ride around on the road.”

According to Walter, finding parts for Beetle’s are quite easy. Hopefully that means he’ll be building more of these beauties in future.

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